Prayer is a very important emphasis of the church. In Luke 11 Jesus said, "ask and it will be given unto you". All church activities and church families are bathed in prayer. Prayer was a very important part of the New Testament church in Acts and so it is for us.
Corporate prayer takes place prior to Sunday services and there is also corporate prayer meeting every Wednesday at 7:00pm. Fasting is also encouraged as a regular part of the believers life.
Prayer requests can be submitted via the church website or phoned into the church office.


Ushers/Greeters have an important role to play in church life; they are often the first person a new visitor will meet at church. It is therefore important that our ushers welcome our people and the new faces that show up at our church will meet one of the most welcoming infectious and contagious smiles they will ever encounter found in our head Usher and his greeting team. 
Our ushers/greeters help create an encouraging and loving environment for everyone to meet with and hear from God. A loving, smiling usher helps to make people feel welcome and wanted. The ushers/greeters also help with facilitating the smooth flow of services and assist with alter ministry. This is a vital ministry that serves the people and supports the work of the Elders and Leaders.


The vision of BMI Children’s Ministry is that every CHILD would become an effective minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We believe our children are not only the church of tomorrow but are an effective part of the church today.
Five key areas are Praise/Worship (Psalm 8:2), Prayer (Joel 2:15-16), Scripture Memorization (Psalm 119:11), Bible Study (Matthew 22:29) and active ministry (1Timothy 4:12).
Children (0-12) can join us every Sunday morning for an exciting time exploring God’s word.


We believe Missions is an integral part of the ministry here at formerly Saskatoon Full Gospel and now Bridge Ministry International, and our heart is to fulfill the great commission whether that be locally, nationally, or internationally. Over several years we have partnered with many nations globally from India, Honduras, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa etc. Our focus for this ministry is to be involved in church planting, church revitalization, discipleship, evangelism, leadership development, and deeds of love, mercy, and justice. Each year we challenge the members of our congregation to be personally involved through short-term mission trips and long term ministry service.


The Bible says in John 4:23 – "that God is looking for people to “worship Him in Spirit and in truth.” 
Are you an artist, musician, photographer, vocalist, sound engineer etc. or anyone with a passion for the arts...Come join us and be inspired!
At formerly Saskatoon Full Gospel now Bridge Ministry International, we find Praise and Worship to be a very essential and important part of our church service. Here at our church is where people with passion and focus come together and combine skills to help make Bridge Ministry a dynamic, inviting, and fun place. You will find us to be very lively, expressive and scriptural following the examples found in Psalms. This leads the congregation into the presence of God and creates a climate for the Holy Spirit to work in the rest of the service.
Our teams meet every Thursday night @ 7pm.
We'd love to have you be a part of our team, so bring your willing hands and servant hearts...

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